The birth of the Evangecube

Christian evangelists The gospel of the Lord Jesus has been the bedrock of Christianity. This is the message being passed across by the Christian evangelists around the world. Over the years the aim of evangelists is to provide a much better way of spreading the gospel. This has been achieved through the birth of the evangecube. The evangecube is a portable and yet oddly- a gift item that is used in the spreading of the word of Lord among Christians and converts. The spreading of the gospel has been a lot easier with the use of the evangecube, where the cube is more popular in Europe and America. It is fast spreading around the world. The evangecube has been in existence since 1999. It has been used since then for greater outreach and evangelism of the word of the Lord Jesus.

The evangecube is a picture cube that has seven sides. It is practically arranged in a cube format that can be unfolded to reveal the gospel of Jesus Christ. The evangecube starts with the unfold which shows the vast separation of man from God. As you continue to unfold the cube it leads to the death of Jesus Christ on the cross at Nazareth, it subsequently shows the opening of the tomb, the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, the existence of heaven and hell and then the practical followers of Jesus Christ. The evangecube comes with a direction of use and in an attractive box. It is very much portable and can be in various languages. When churches organize outreach programs or mission trips and events, the evangecube serves as a great tool for presenting salvation messages to people who are being reached out to. This is possible for the fact the cube is not boring by any means but it is designed attractively to engage the users who make use of it.

The evangecube comes in various sizes for different categories of individuals. The children size, the single individual size and the group size. The cube has a 2 inch sized children’s pack, a 3-inch standard size and an 8 inch group size. The cube can come in ready-assembled form or unassembled for easy packing especially during traveling. The evangecube is universal and accommodates people of various categories and niches. The evangelism of the word of the Lord Jesus Christ has been made a lot easier with the introduction of the evangecube which has made things more convenient. The simple way of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ for over 15 years now is made possible by the use of evangecube. It has been effectively used over the years for evangelism and church mission. This cube is practically efficient when it comes to giving people a perfect way to come close to Jesus Christ and his ways.

Christians who need to deliver the message of the truth about the living Christ as he died on the cross of Calvary, His resurrection from the dead, the reality about heaven and hell, his messages to his followers, can conveniently achieve this by the use of evangecube. The evangecube is now growing as a great tool for presenting salvation messages across the world.