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It's not a crazy thing for many individuals to post their selfies and videos on their social media accounts. Even if they happen to be active members of the Christian faith. That's the story of five Christian personalities who work together as a team. They believe in making the world beautiful by spreading the good word. Well, they are dedicated to their respective tasks along with that they share their way of living altogether. Here we are going to meet with these individuals who have already won many hearts in social media as well as in the locality.

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We will start with the frequent traveler among them- ‘The Travel Bug’- It is because of her traveling habits, she got the title of ‘The Travel Bug'. She is a teacher, enjoys teaching young bible students and shares her knowledge with us as an online writer. In her recent social media activity, she posted a picture with the title ‘The Nature Lover'. Here she is hugging a tree with both hands and smiling!


Our Local Leader, A retired Christian pastor and is one of the reputed persons among our society that helps people in leading their life. In his free time, he takes on the task of website editor. With no downfall, he has held the position from the very first day of service. He is also a very good photographer and a rather good foodie.

Pastor John-

The Real Hero For Christians as we like to think, the Bible is of divine inspiration that contains sacred texts and scriptures. And, Pastor John is our middle-aged Bible expert who teaches the record or evidence of the relationship between God and humans presented in this Holy book. He loves to share his knowledge. During his vacant time, he works as a guest website writer. Interestingly, he always takes pictures of people around him and posts them accordingly.


A true ‘Unsung Faith Healer’, now for most of you who don’t know- Faith healing is the technique by which experts treat patients with prayer and gestures. It is believed that faith healing is possible only because of divine intervention and religious belief. This person is an alternative faith healer but has treated many. Over the course of time, he got the title ‘The Unsung Faith Healer’ on his travels in the community. He takes pictures with his fans and often share them on social media sites. He is linked to us as a contributing writer.


Known simply with the tag: ‘The Yoga Expert’, Susan is a yoga trainer with years of experience. Today, she has more than thousand trainees who follow her. She never takes time to share her recent yoga class pictures and videos. It’s because of her writing habits, working as an online writer for years. Her esoteric views of Jesus give us a deeper meaning of what we all might have missed along the road to faith.

Just like a lot of people working together under a single roof, we all work as a team from different locations. But they have the same motto of spreading happiness to the society. Not to mention, it is their goal and they never give up in doing the same. It tells that you may belong to a specific religion or caste but happiness isn't bound to anything. If you care to contribute in the same way we feel-

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